Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sardax Illustrates Nina Foxton - Part Two

“They were men naked men and they were on all fours like beasts. The Graftin was quite business like. She went to the first male in the line and set down her stool by him. She sat down upon it and placed a wooden bucket beneath the male’s huge cock. Then without further ado she grasped his weapon and began milking him. I watched in astonishment. He stiffened even more until his tool hung horse like almost touching the bottom of the bucket. As she worked him he shook his head causing the station to clang against the supporting rod. He was just like a great animal but the hands of his milker were suave in their demands. As the Graftin continued the milking other males in the stable stirred and became aroused. My eyes fairly danced from the site of one huge penis to the other. They all stiffened for they knew what was going to be done to them. They knew they were going to be drawn of their sperm and find release in a milkmaid’s goading hands.”

Text from Nina Foxton by Titian Beresford. Illustrations by Sardax

To be continued...


paltego said...

This is great stuff hmp! I've never read these novels, but I'm certainly tempted to now. And the Sardax illustrations are a wonderful match. Thanks for putting these posts together.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Thanks Paltego! I'm really glad you are enjoying them! :-)

I got the idea from an e-mail Sardax sent me stating there had been a project in the works for him to illustrate Titian Beresford's "Cinderella". Unfortunately that never got off the ground. Luckily some of his existing illustrations work extremely well for "Nina Foxton" and "Judith Boston" my two favorite Beresford novels! I would love to see those two books republished with original illustrations by Sardax! If you know any wealthy Femdom enthusiasts who might be interested in funding the project please let me know! ;-)